Personal Injury Attorney Laredo Texas

Have you sustained a serious injury as the result of another person/entity’s negligence? Whether it be a physical or nonphysical injury, you could be entitled to economic or noneconomic damages. Economic damages can be collected in monetary value which includes medical expenses, loss of wages and covers any past or future damages. Noneconomic damages are less concrete and are subjectively evaluated by a jury. These damages may include emotional trauma, pain, humiliation, etc. If you sustained injuries as a result of the negligence of another, hire a personal injury attorney like Javier Guzman, to fight for your rights and rightful compensation.

You should contact a personal injury lawyer if you have ever been involved in the following incidents:

-Automobile Accident

-Motorcycle Accident

-Slip and Fall

-Medical Malpractice

-Dog Bites

When a victim needs to seek legal help, hiring a skilled personal injury attorney to protect and fight for your rights is imperative., It is important to engage with legal services shortly after the accident occurs. It is also suggested to collect evidence for your case to present a stronger argument in court. Photographs and police reports are just a few examples of evidence to collect when filing a personal injury lawsuit. If your accident resulted in a hospital visit, presenting any medical bills will also aide in your argument.

Javier Guzman has the experience and confidence to take your personal injury case to court and present a strong argument on your behalf. Contact Guzman Law Firm PLLC to schedule your consultation today.