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Arrested for a DWI in Laredo, Texas? You need the best Laredo DWI attorney on the market. DWI prosecutions happen fast. Every day that passes without a DWI attorney building your defense is a day that the court strengthens their attack. Your DWI lawyer acts as your lifeline, and is often the only thing standing between you and a DWI conviction that can ruin your life.

Don’t risk it. Hire the best Laredo DWI attorney you can possibly find.

For serious DWI or DUI penalties, hire a serious Laredo DWI attorney to represent you –– hire Javier Guzman, founding attorney of Guzman Law Firm and the ONLY Forensic Lawyer-Scientist based in Laredo, TX. He knows the law and the science behind DWI, and makes it work for you.

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Act now or lose your license!

If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of DWI in Texas, you have fifteen days to save your license. You can challenge the suspension of your license with a skilled DWI attorney that knows how to win an administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing. During the process, your Laredo DWI attorney will:

  • Request an ALR hearing.
  • Choose whether you will be meeting telephonically or subpoenaing the arresting officer in person.
  • Attempt to remove the officer’s evidence from consideration.
  • Argue to ensure that the process was carried out correctly. Was there reason to pull you over? Probably cause to arrest? Were your rights upheld?
  • Prepare your testimony. This is crucial because what you say during your ALR hearing will, as well as helping or hurting you get your license back, help or hurt your DWI hearing.

Call Javier Guzman for experienced and aggressive representation. He can help you follow these steps to perfection and help you SAVE YOUR LICENSE.

Javier Guzman: The ONLY DWI Defense Attorney in Laredo who is a Forensic Lawyer-Scientist

If you’re in need of a trustworthy, aggressive DWI attorney who will fight relentlessly for your freedom, consider Javier Guzman. Javier Guzman is a Forensic Lawyer-Scientist, the highest form of scientific recognition available for lawyers as designated by the Chemistry and Law Division of the American Chemical Society.

DWI convictions are often made based on data received from sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests, only the sobriety tests were designed 50 years ago and the flawed blood alcohol tests are being administered by poorly trained bureaucrats. If you want this information to work for you instead of against you, you’ve got to hire not just an aggressive and accomplished lawyer, but a Lawyer-Scientist, like Javier Guzman.

Why a Lawyer-Scientist is the ONLY kind of lawyer you should hire for a DWI

The training that a Forensic Lawyer-Scientist undergoes is intense and extensive. This training allows an attorney like Javier Guzman to use skills and scientific knowledge as a part of a complete DWI defense strategy. This DWI defense strategy is applied both in trial and in analyzing a new DWI case. Being able to properly analyze the scientific evidence that is collected in a DWI investigation is invaluable.

An attorney developing a DWI defense strategy should be well versed in the many aspects of a DWI case, including:

  • Forensic chromatography
  • Gas chromatographs (instruments used to analyze blood alcohol content) that are used in crime labs across the state of Texas
  • How to effectively cross-examine a state expert witness
  • The best practices at forensic crime labs around the country
  • Standard operating procedures at Texas crime labs

This knowledge can help give you, the client, a great advantage in trial, and in obtaining a better initial offer from state prosecutors.

DWI Penalties in Laredo, TX

If you are accused of DWI, there are a range of penalties, depending on the specifics of your DWI charge and your criminal history. The penalties for DWIs in Texas include:
Offense Charge Fine License Suspension Jail Time
DWI 1st offense Class B misdemeanor Up to $2,000 90 – 365 days 3 – 180 days
DWI 1st offense with a BAC greater than .15 Class A misdemeanor Up to ​​$4,000 180 days – 2 years 30 days – 1 year
DWI 2nd offense Class A misdemeanor Up to ​​$4,000 180 days – 2 years 30 days – 1 year
DWI 3rd offense 3rd degree felony Up to $10,000 180 days – 2 years 2 – 10 years
DWI with a child in the car State jail felony Up to $10,000 Up to 180 days 180 days – 2 years
On top of fines, suspensions, and jail time you will likely be looking at secondary punishments such as:
  • Probation
  • Ignition interlock devices
  • DWI education programs
  • Community service
  • License renewal surcharges
  • Higher auto insurance rates
A conviction for DWI is no laughing matter, as it can have serious consequences that will follow you for the rest of your life. Depending on the DWI charge, a DWI arrest and/or conviction can affect your reputation, your livelihood, your immigration status, and your overall quality of life.

Hire Javier Guzman as Your DWI Defense Attorney in Laredo, TX

If you are accused of drunk driving or driving while intoxicated, there is a lot on the line. DWI charges can be tough, even for a first-time offender. If you are in need of a relentless Laredo DWI attorney, contact Guzman Law Firm as soon as possible. He will not stop fighting on your behalf, no matter what. That’s what relentless representation means. As a trusted Laredo criminal defense lawyer, Javier Guzman can handle a multitude of criminal charges including tough DWI or DUI cases like yours.

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