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Whether you’re going through a divorce or are engaged in a custody battle, determining child support and establishing custody and visitation rights can be the source of immense stress for parents. Child custody cases can be emotional and difficult, but at the end of the day, the health, wellbeing and child’s best interests are the most important factors. 

Hiring the right attorney will make the legal process as simple and smooth as possible. Javier Guzman of Guzman Law Firm is a family law attorney in Laredo, TX who you can trust with handling your child custody case. 

Your Options for Custody Arrangements

In child support, custody, and visitation cases, there are a variety of concerns to address –– but at the end of the day, it all comes down to what’s in your child’s best interest. However, at Guzman Law firm we understand that every person has their own definition of what is in their child’s best interest, so we help develop a strategy with the client’s goal in mind.

There are two options for custody arrangements: Joint Managing Conservatorship or Sole Managing Conservatorship.

Joint Managing Conservatorship

Under Texas law, there is a presumption that it is in the child’s best interests that both parents be appointed “joint managing conservators” –– in other words, both will have joint custody. Being appointed joint managing conservator means that both parents will have the same rights over the child. Typically, the only right that is exclusive to one parent over the other is the right to designate the child’s primary residence. Being awarded the exclusive right to designate the child’s primary residence is important because this will usually determine who is awarded child support.  

Texas is one of the only states in the United States where certain custody issues can be presented to and decided by a jury. Make sure you consult with an experienced trial lawyer on your custody case to see if requesting a jury is right for you. If the judge or jury chooses your home as the child’s primary residence, you become the child’s designated primary conservator and the other parent will be known as the non-custodial conservator. Regardless, this does not mean that custody will be split perfectly evenly –– possession, access, and guidelines of the relationship will be determined based on the location of the parent.

If you feel that the child’s other parent is not fit to share custody of the child, you can build a case as to why you should have sole custody of your child.

Sole Managing Conservatorship

In order to gain full custody of your child, judges in family courts must grant you that authority after seeing convincing evidence that being in your custody is what is best for the child. This would make you the child’s sole managing conservator ––  giving you the full responsibility for making decisions on the child’s behalf –– and the other parent will be the possessory conservator. The possessory conservator, the other parent, will still be able to exercise visitations with the child, but the sole managing conservator will make the most important decisions regarding the child.

As stated in Texas law, a parent with sole managing conservatorship is also entitled to receive child support payments to ensure the child’s needs are fully being met. Texas courts also consider the desires of a child over the age of 12 as to which parent they would prefer to live with. The desires of a child over the age of 12 is just one of many factors that the court considers in determining the the child’s best interests. 

No matter which direction you choose, you have options. Javier Guzman will fight by your side to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for you and your child.

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Javier Guzman is a Trusted Child Custody Lawyer in Laredo, TX

The right divorce attorney in Laredo, TX can help you fight these tough battles for custody arrangements and child support. The right attorney for you is Javier Guzman of Guzman Law Firm. He and his legal team have successfully helped many families with their custody and visitation disputes with ease. 

Choose a family attorney who will fight for you. To talk about your legal options, schedule a consultation with Guzman Law Firm or call 956.333.3977 today.

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