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Are you or a loved one being accused of or are currently under investigation for a federal crime? You need an experienced and trusted federal criminal defense lawyer immediately. Criminal charges come with much more severe penalties when processed in federal court –– including lengthy jail or prison sentences and steep fines if convicted. Depending on your charges, you could be facing a lifetime in prison, loss of income, and other serious repercussions. You need an attorney with the deep knowledge and experience necessary to handle cases at the federal level.

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Federal Charges vs. State Charges

Being charged in federal court is very different from being charged in state court.

While regular criminal charges are usually investigated by the state, federal crimes are investigated by federal agents. This means you won’t be answering to a neighborhood cop, you’ll be dealing with the CIA, FBI, or DEA to name a few. Whether you’re facing charges for trafficking controlled substances, embezzling funds, or transporting illegal aliens, being investigated for a federal crime is extremely serious. Not only are more aggressive agencies working to convict you, the penalties you face can be significantly harsher. 

If you suspect you are under investigation, contact Javier Guzman ASAP. Federal agents tend to use or employ confidential informants more often than state law enforcement, which means that you cannot trust anybody other than your lawyer. Javier Guzman is not only a trusted Laredo criminal defense lawyer and DWI attorney, but he is also an excellent and aggressive federal criminal defense lawyer in Laredo, TX who represents clients throughout the state of Texas.

Types of Federal Crimes

Guzman Law Firm represents individuals and businesses who are under investigation for or being charged with, violating federal criminal laws including:

Federal Drug Charges: Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Drugs

A federal drug crime charge is far more severe than a state drug charge. Many of the federal drug offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences according to the United States Sentencing Guidelines. This means that if you or a loved one are accused of possessing or conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute a certain amount of drugs, you could face mandatory minimum prison sentences of 5, 10, or even 15 years. 

Whether you are being charged with possession or conspiracy to possess marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin, you should consult with a Forensic Lawyer-Scientist as soon as you can. Remember, you’re innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That means that the government must prove that you were actually in possession of drugs, which isn’t always easy to do. Forensic Lawyer-Scientists use their training to cross examine the government’s expert witnesses to create doubt. Currently, Javier Guzman is the only Forensic Lawyer-Scientist based in Laredo, TX.

Transporting Illegal Aliens

Many people in Laredo, TX, and others living along the border with Mexico, are accused of transporting illegal aliens. Transporting illegal aliens carry potentially harsh prison sentences even for first time offenders. If you or a loved one are accused of transporting illegal aliens, make sure you consult with a federal criminal defense lawyer in Laredo, TX.

Transactions Involving Firearms or Ammunition

If you or a loved one are accused of federal firearms charges, make every effort to speak to a federal criminal defense lawyer in Laredo, TX. Speaking to a knowledgeable federal criminal defense lawyer is always recommended before making any statements to law enforcement. 

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are considered non-violent, fraud-based offenses at a high level. Due to the level of these crimes, the legal systems surrounding them can be quite complex –– meaning, you will need a white collar defense firm to represent you if you are facing charges for white collar crimes. Javier Guzman of Guzman Law Firm is a white collar crime defense attorney in Laredo, TX who possesses the skill and the drive to take on complex cases like yours. 

Some of the more common white collar crime cases that Javier Guzman handles include:

Money Laundering

Money laundering has harsh sentencing penalties under the United States Sentencing Guidelines. However, the potential penalties increase significantly when a person is being accused of knowing or believing the funds were the proceeds of unlawful activity involving the manufacture, importation, or distribution of narcotics or other controlled substances.

Wire Fraud 

Wire fraud is committed electronically through phone calls, emails, text messages, social media, and other means to obtain money or property in a fraudulent manner.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is committed when someone tries to obtain money or information in a fraudulent manner from a bank. There are three types of bank fraud:

  • Check and credit card fraud
  • Internet bank fraud through phishing or impersonation
  • Accounting fraud

Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is committed when someone attempts to obtain money or property in a fraudulent manner through any United States Postal Service post office or other authorized depository for mail matter. 


Cybercrimes can include possession of child pornography, cyber sex crimes, cyberstalking, online soliticiation, and the list goes on. No matter the case, cybercrimes are incredibly serious charges. Hiring a seasoned and trial-tested attorney like Javier Guzman can make an important difference in your case. He will work to develop a strong defense strategy and seek the best possible outcome. Your reputation and livelihood depend on it.

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Federal Crime Penalties

As mentioned above, federal crimes come with much harsher penalties than crimes tried at the state level. To give you a better idea of the consequences you could face if convicted of a federal crime, here is a guide to federal crime penalties. Please note that federal sentencing can be complex –– if you have specific questions regarding your charge, seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

Federal Drug Crimes

With a federal drug charge, you could be facing a wide range of penalties including hefty fines and/or five years to life in prison based on mandatory minimums in federal sentencing guidelines. According to federal statute 21 U.S.C. §§ 841, “When certain quantity thresholds are met, a five-year mandatory minimum penalty and a maximum term of 40 years applies, while larger amounts increase the mandatory minimum to ten years, with a maximum of life imprisonment.” In other words, the penalty will be determined by the severity of the drug(s) in question and the quantity in question.

Transporting Illegal Aliens

According to Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a), a person charged with Domestic Transporting of illegal aliens could face, “…the basic statutory maximum term of imprisonment of 5 years, unless the offense was committed for commercial advantage or private financial gain, in which case the maximum term of imprisonment is 10 years. In addition, significant enhanced penalties are provided for in violations of 8 U.S.C. § 1324(a)(1) involving serious bodily injury or placing life in jeopardy (up to 20 years in prison). Moreover, if the violation results in the death of any person, the defendant may be punished by death or by imprisonment for any term of years.”

Illegal Entries

According to 8 U.S. Code § 1325, “Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact, shall, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a subsequent commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.”

Transactions Involving Firearms or Ammunition

According to §2K2.1, the penalties for unlawful transactions involving firearms or ammunition are decided based on how many firearms were involved, the type(s) of firearms, the intention, and other prevalent factors. Prison sentences range from 1 to 15 years in prison to life in prison depending on the severity of the charge.

Trust Guzman Law Firm with Your Federal Criminal Charge

Why should you hire Javier Guzman to be your federal criminal defense lawyer? For starters, Javier Guzman is the only Forensic Lawyer-Scientist in Laredo, TX. This is the highest form of scientific recognition available for lawyers given by the Chemistry and Law Division of the American Chemical Society. As a Forensic-Lawyer Scientist, he can use his accredited scientific knowledge in a variety of fields to pinpoint mistakes or inconsistencies in the evidence presented in your case.

Javier has successfully handled many federal cases by defending clients relentlessly in trial. He has the knowledge, expertise, and drive necessary to fight aggressive federal prosecution and protect your rights. No matter who is investigating or trying your case, you can trust Javier Guzman from Guzman Law Firm to represent you.

Need a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer? Contact Guzman Law Firm for Relentless Representation.

Even if you have not been charged with a federal crime, but are currently under investigation, it’s important that you find an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer to represent you. Javier Guzman and his legal team at Guzman Law Firm are knowledgeable in federal criminal defense in Laredo, TX. He will not stop fighting to protect your freedom. When there’s much at stake, put your trust in Guzman Law Firm.

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